< Add a Task

  1. Tap to open the main menu and select either My Contacts or Search Contacts.
  2. Tap .
  3. Tap . The Add Task screen appears
  4. Complete the fields:
    1. Subject: Add a title for the Task
    2. Task Type: The list is based on activity types created for your organization. Select the Task Type from the list.
    3. Due Date: Either enter the Due date for the Task or select the Due date from the Calendar. The Due Date must be either today's date or a future date.
    4. Assign to User: By default, the Task is assigned to you. You can assign it to anyone in your firm by clicking on the Assign to user field, entering the person's last name, and then selecting the name from the list.
    5. Visible to: By the default, everyone can view the task. If you want to restrict Task visibility, select Only Me and Assigned to User.
    6. Lock Editing: If you want to prevent others from editing the task, turn on the Lock Editing toggle. The task will be grayed out for all other users.
    7. (Optional) You can link the task to a Contact, an Opportunity, an Initiative, an Industry, or a Practice Group.
    8. (Optional) Notes: Add any Notes for the Task.
  5. Tap Save.